Update: Two Reflections

Ripple effect on waterOn Monday, I will be reviewing the book that launched the idea for this blog, The Gifts of Imperfection, by Brene Brown (Kindle preview). I love Brene Brown’s work and I find it relevant to this page. In order to work toward a more tolerate perspective, we must first confront our own issues around shame and vulnerability. Brown does incredible work on shame and how to develop shame resilience.

In the second reflection for this book, I will discuss in more detail why addressing shame can be critical in developing new perspective. But I also will discuss concerns around representation.

The first reflection for this book will post on Wednesday. It will discuss my personal growth from this book around the area of meditation and stillness. This book changed my perspective, and while that change is not centered around representation, I wanted to share it nonetheless.

There will occasionally be two reflections for books, depending on how the book I review impacts me. The reflection directly relevant to representation will post on Thursdays, the regular posting time. The bonus reflection for the week will post on Wednesdays and may or may not address representation. Let me know what you think about the bonus reflection idea! Do you want to reflect on topics outside representation more often? Please comment below!

Photo credit: Sergiu Bacioiu entitled Water Drop – Explored /CC BY 2.0, /via Wikimedia Commons

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