Updates: New Socials & Updated Commenting

update-1672349_640I, Maygin Reads, have a new social media page! If you have Google+, head over and check out my page. It will feature posts from this blog and other book reviews. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and the Litsy app!

In addition, new social share features have been added to all blog posts and new follow us links have been added to the sidebar. You can now easily find my reviews on Amazon and Audible through those links! These have also been added to the About Me page.

Also, I now have an email address, which is maygin.reads at gmail.com. You can still contact me through the contact form on the Review Policy page.

It was brought to my attention that in order to comment, people had to login to WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. I have updated the blog so that one only needs to provide a name and email address to comment on the blog. I apologize for not having this feature available sooner. If there is ever anything that is not working right or other feedback you have, do not hesitate to contact me through the contact form or now email!

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    • I’m still learning the backend of WordPress, so I apologize if this is not clear. For me, there are two backend screens I use to edit the blog. The first is where blog posts are published. The setting is not there. It is in the other backend screen, which for me is my website adddress/wp-admin. I found initially by clicking on an email about approving a comment. Then on that screen, on the left hand sidebar, click the settings tab. Then click discussion and unclick the “must be registered and logged in” box. If you leave the box above it checked, then it will require people to give a name and email, but not login with WP, Fb, Twitter, or G+. I partly figured it out from this support page, but it is only half helpful.
      “Comment Display Options in the Classic Dashboard

      You can control comment threading, paging, and comment order settings from the Settings → Discussion page in the classic dashboard.”

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