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IMG_20170913_135311Since Nica had her surgery, she has been sleeping a lot. It’s this heavy, deep sleep, where I can tell she has drifted off to a wonderful dream land. In these moments, I simply do not want to wake her. I try not to get up. When I do have to get up, I tip toe as quietly as possible to help ensure she does not wake. But other times, I am content to watch her over the top of my current read. While she naps, I read and it’s glorious for both of us.

It’s interesting that since her diagnosis of bile duct cancer, I find myself more and more simply sitting and watching her. Whether she is napping or licking her paws or simply relaxing, I find so much beauty in these everyday things. In fact, the beauty is often overwhelming and I simply want to smother her with all the love. But I also want to preserve that moment, watch her, and take it for what it is. That’s what I’ve been doing and it’s brought me a lot of comfort and peace.

IMG_20170913_143615My favorite napping and reading activity is outside. While outside, she doesn’t fall into that deep sleep, she does stretch out with a big smile on her face. She loves the outdoors, especially grass. As I write this post, she is happily panting in the sun. But usually, I am reading while she enjoys the day. Nearly every day since she’s been well enough, we come out to the backyard for some period of time and she enjoys the sun and grass and smells while I enjoy a good book and breaks admiring her beauty.

I don’t know why I didn’t do this more often with her before the diagnosis. I occasionally brought my laptop outside with her and worked for a time, but I didn’t stop and relax with her. Plus, I wasn’t really doing it for her as much as I was doing it to help me cope with a challenging task. But now, these moments are for her and while they bring me great joy, we do them because they bring her immense joy, even when I think she is spending too much time in the sun and not enough time in the shade. The joy on her face when we are outside just to enjoy the day is palpable. These are going to be some of my favorite memories when she’s gone.

IMG_20170913_144059Occasionally, we are joined by other creatures, but this frog is definitely the most constant. He apparently enjoys living inside my outdoor umbrella. Seems like an odd choice to me, but to each his own.

What are some small things you take immense joy in?


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  1. Today it is this. Reading your post and seeing the simple joy. Tomorrow I will have utter chaos with 5 girls at the house and that is also simple pleasures for me just at a different volume level!

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  2. Nica certainly does look happy.

    I definitely enjoy reading, but I also get a simple joy out of cooking and baking. I just love being in the kitchen.

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    • I used to love cooking, but it’s so hard to do it for one person. I haven’t much cooked in years. But I am a horrible baker. The perfectionist in me rebels when it comes to the kitchen! I’m so glad the kitchen brings you joy!

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      • If I want to really cut loose and cook for a bunch of people, then I’ll invite a group of friends over. I’ve already informed my boyfriend that I’ve basically dreamed of being able to host dinner parties and such. Not too frequently or anything, but it’s still something I’ve always wanted to do.

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      • Yes, that is something I’ve always wanted to do, but it rarely happens. In college, my roommate and I would have someone over for dinner every other week or so and make the meal together. It was really nice. I miss that. I do need to figure out how to cook more. It does bring so much joy.

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      • That does sound fun. My boyfriend and I go to family day at his parents every Sunday and we alternate who is supplying the food, so every other week I get to whip up a nice meal for 5-6 people, so that’s fun.

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    • Good company is a great joy! I had a group of people I would regularly get together with when I lived in DC and I miss that company a lot. There are people that are just a comfort to be in the same space with!


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