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Dani from Mousai Books posted this book tag a couple days ago and I really enjoyed reading her answers. I thought that my readers might enjoy learning a bit about my bookish style as well! Definitely go check out Mousai books as it’s one of my favorite book review blogs and Dani is the best! This tag was originally created by Girl Reading and she answered the questions without much thought. I answered in the same vein.

  1. E-book or Physical book? Physical Book
  2. Paperback or Hardcover? Paperback – I find hardcover annoying and heavy
  3. Online or In-store book shopping? In-Store!!! I love the smell of books! But to be fair, I buy nearly all my books online – I just start by shopping in the store and then try to find them used or a deal online.
  4. Trilogies or Series? Trilogies as I have no interest in reading a series that never ends
  5. Heroes or Villains? Is grey characters an option? No? Then heroes
  6. A book you want everyone to read? The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin. It is one of my favorite books and she is my favorite author and I want everyone to experience the beauty of her writing
  7. Recommend an underrated book. The Hour of Daydreams – seriously, it is super rare that an unknown book is amazing, but this one is and I want everyone to read it!
  8. Last book you finished? The Shadow of the Wind – I have mixed feelings on this book, but a review is forthcoming.
  9. The last book(s) you bought? I went on a mini book buying spree the other day, so there’s a few: Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out, Delicious Foods, Brown Girl in the Ring, and The Fisherman (I love Kindle deals combined with Amazon no rush shipping digital credits!)
  10. Weirdest thing you’ve used as a bookmark? I typically use bookmarks – well actually my favorite is bookjig which isn’t exactly a standard bookmark. Anyway, back to the question, the weirdest thing is probably a receipt or a blanket – whatever is nearby that I can quickly use to mark a page. With crochet books when I end up marking a few pages until I decide on a pattern, I have used other books as bookmarks, but it kind of worries me. I care a lot about the appearance of my books.
  11. Used books: yes or no? Yes…if they are in like new condition
  12. Top Three Favorite Genres: Literary Fiction, General Fiction, and Fantasy – really, I just love really amazing writing in nearly any genre.
  13. Borrow or Buy? Both equally. I used to dream of having a massive library one day, but now I dream of a more minimalist life, so I try to only buy print books I really love or expect to love. I also currently am only buying new books by diverse authors as part of a broader social movement. I greatly enjoy both the act of buying and the act of borrowing from a library. I don’t really feel complete without both.
  14. Characters or Plot? Characters. I care much more about the depth of the characters and how they emotionally impact me than I do about specific plot points. I can enjoy a book that seems to have no point as long as I love learning about the characters. Great, in-depth characters are why I read.
  15. Long or Short books? Is average book length an option? No, then long. I’m not a big fan of short stories and novellas tend to fall too close to that category
  16. Long or Short chapters? I don’t think I have a preference here, but if I lean one way, it’s probably toward long chapters. I don’t like choppy books with super short chapters.
  17. Name the first three books you think of: The Fifth Season, The Shadowed Sun, and The Shadow of the Wind
  18. Books that make you laugh or books that make you cry? Books that make me cry
  19. Our world or Fictional world? I don’t have a strong preference here, though I tend to read more books in the real world than in the fictional world. But I’m not a big fan of them overlapping, with the exception of dystopian/ future setting books.
  20. Audiobooks: yes or no? I really enjoy nonfiction audiobooks and it’s about the only way I will read nonfiction books these days, but otherwise, I strongly prefer printed books. With reading books, the worlds transports me more than listening to them and I live for that.
  21. Do you ever judge a book by its cover? I do and it does cause me to out of hand dismiss some books or to decide to pick up a book I’m unfamiliar with, but it is only a small part of my decision to read a book or not.
  22. Book to movie or Book to TV adaptations? Book to TV adaptations as I generally prefer TV to movies, in part because TV can do more with character development.
  23. A movie or TV show you preferred to its book? I rarely consume both medium, but I loved the movie Lincoln and couldn’t get through the first 50 pages of the book it was based off of. I’d probably say on the whole that I prefer the movie version of nonfiction books, especially for genres like memoirs or biographies.
  24. Series or Standalone? Standalone. There are popular books I haven’t read and probably won’t because I don’t want to deal with reading a whole series. I only consider reading complete series.

I tag FNM over at NZFNM blog, Delphine at Delphine the Babbler, and Harini at Books and Readers. I’d love to hear some of your answers in the comments, or better yet, as a post on your blog! So if I did not tag you and you wish to do this, please consider yourself tagged and definitely let me know if you do the tag. Otherwise, please answer one or two questions below! I’d love to get to know my readers a bit better!

The Awesome Blogger Award

I’ve been nominated for an award and I’m blushing with excitement! I never expected for my blog to take off so quickly. I’m over the moon!!!

I was nominated by Harini over at Books and Readers and she is my favorite book blogger right now. Not only is her blog amazing, but also she has shown me great kindness and support from the very beginning. If I could nominate her again, I absolutely would. Definitely check out her blog – it’s wonderful!

awesome-blogger-award1.jpg(I stole this image from Harini who stole it from Des!)

The award was created by Maggie at Dreaming of Guatemala who stated:

This is an award for the absolutely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. They have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter to the lives of their readers. That is what truly defines an awesome blogger.

Rules :

1.Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Include the reason behind the award.
3. Include the banner in your post.
4. Tag it under #awesomebloggeraward in the Reader.
5. Answer the questions your nominator gave you.
6. Nominate at least 5 awesome bloggers.
7. Give your nominees 10 new questions to answer.
8. Let your nominees know that they’ve been nominated.

My Answers to Harini

What’s ‘peace’ according to you?

Man, starting with the hard questions! I feel like there are two ways I could go – the world peace way or the inner peace way. Since I’ve been focusing a lot on my inner peace lately, I will focus on that in my response. Peace for me is stillness, strength, and quiet no matter what is happening outside of me. It is this beautiful cave I retreat to.

What’s the one book everyone loves but you absolutely hate?

Anything by Jane Austen, but particularly Pride and Prejudice. It may have been the first book I bailed on and it was required reading in high school. I couldn’t even stand the movie. It was a rough few weeks in that English class.

Dream Destination?

When I was younger, it was always Hawaii, though I’m not sure why as I don’t really like the beach. Now, I really want to travel to Turkey or somewhere similar. I feel in love with Arabic and Moorish architecture in Spain and would love to see so much more of it.

One mistake that you regret so much?

Leaving the PhD program, though I’m much more compassionate toward myself about why I did.

Favorite subject at High school?

Statistics. I was really weird. English was a close second. And if we are including non-formal/ non-required subjects, than band was my ultimate favorite followed by pottery.

The one thing you want to change about yourself?

Currently, I’d like to improve my health enough to return to work, or really, just any level of improvement would be greatly welcomed.

The person you can’t imagine being without?

My sister. She’s a huge piece of me and I need her. She’s quite often the first person I turn to.

Favorite pet ever?

Nica, who is the cute pup in my profile pic!

Book People Vs Real People – Who do you prefer?

There are definitely times in my life when I would have said book people, but after falling ill and finding a large community of people supporting me, who are all my extended family now, I have to say real people. Real people are actually there when things are hard. ❤

One thing about the world that you hate?

Hatred itself, especially that which is based on shallow qualities like race, sex, or sexual orientation

Thanks again, Harini!

My nominees:

JD at Studious Creatives
FNM at NZFNM blog
Alyssa at Book Huntress’ World
Elin at Book Owlie
TJL at Books & Other Pursuits

My Questions:

Which book “changed your life”?
What’s your favorite thing about blogging?
Would you rather be a bookstore owner or an author?
Where’s your favorite place to visit?
What is something you really, really like?
Outside of reading, what’s a favorite activity?
What’s your favorite ice cream?
Would you rather have dinner with current famous people or dead/historical famous people (you get to pick who you invite)?
What’s a nonfiction topic/ genre you enjoy?
Do you hope to still be blogging in 5 years?

For those tagged, I completely understand if you cannot get to this right now. Just know that I enjoy your blogs!

I’d love to hear your answers to these questions as well! Comment below with your thoughts!